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SS Technology is the leading IT Service provider & Web Data Scraping Agency that excels in working with clients to create successful and profitable IT Solutions.

We at SS Technology believe in building a strong relationship with all our clients and generating modern IT solutions to help them promote a sustainable environment for their valuable customers. Your customers are as important to you as you are to us. We prioritize your success and help you with affordable solutions that fulfill all your requirements seamlessly. 


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Our IT Solutions and services like data extraction, data extractor software, data scraping tools, mobile apps development, e-commerce website development are based on the latest trending developments that the world demands. We work on cutting-edge technologies to serve you with the best and meet all your necessities effortlessly. Our services are easy to use and integrate. We provide superior quality solutions that you can blindly rely on. With a client base spread across a hundred nations, we are a company you can trust.

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Social Media Website Data Extraction

Data Extraction from Social Media Websites is a source of huge revenue generation. Gather the data you need with our extraction tools and start growing your business.


E-Commerce Website Data Extraction

Online E-Commerce Platforms thrive on valuable substantial data. Get the latest trend of the E-Commerce market to provide exclusive offers and deals to your customers.


Competitor Price Monitoring

Keep track of your competitors' pricing of millions of online products on similar websites. Let us help you to set a perfect price-point for all your products and services.


Mobile App Development

Build end-to-end mobile apps with the best user experience and increase your sales. Customized mobile apps are essential to controlling a business.


E-Commerce Website Development

Set up your E-commerce business today by developing an E-Commerce website. Get the perfect design with product and payment integration.


Competitor Price Comparison

Get awareness of the pricing in the market and use the data to grow your business. Update your product's pricing based on the instantaneous trend of the market.


Technology Industry

Drive your way across the booming technology industry and equip yourself with the latest software development tools on the go. Choose your solution and we work on the domain most suited for you.


Healthcare Industry

Stay updated with new research and discoveries in the field of medicine with the latest healthcare implementation techniques. Use modern equipment that benefits thousands of people every day.


Airline Industry

Extract relevant information about flight schedules, onboarding, statistics, and pricing all under one roof. Get the data you need at your fingertips by checking out our Airline Industry Data Extraction Services.


Tourism Industry

Compare your customer base with those of your competitors using our latest data extraction tools and spread your tourism firm far and wide. Let the tourism industry flourish in your hands with a few simple steps.


Finance Industry

The most dynamic of all industries is the finance sector that needs regular analysis. Using data extraction, get the best deals on stocks and market prices and build your finance website with the best clarity.


Web Directory

Explore opportunities to make the best use of local directories on the world wide web. Lookup for people, keywords, addresses, and much more in the span of a few seconds by using our Web Directory Extraction Service. 

Who we are?​

Who we are?

We are a team of enthusiastic geeks who love to work on new technologies for data extraction, data scraping tools, data extractor software, e-commerce website development, mobile app development and make sustainable products that ensure the best user experience. In this technology-driven world, we join hands to build fast, effective, and cost-efficient products that you can rely on for your customer base. Our expertise ranges over a large segment of the domain from data extraction to software development to application development and much more. With the core objective of providing Web Data Extraction Services, Data Visualization, Data Mining, Developing Web Crawlers, data scraping tools, data extractor software, Web Scraping API, and Web Scraper Pagination, we strive to attain perfection in what we do.

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It is our pleasure to have partnership relation with SS Technology. They handled our project with great care starting from setting the goals till delivery. It is with much enthusiasm that we are writing to recommend the services of SS Technology. We look forward to take our relationship to another business level.​

    Adam Sendler


    Awesome team of experts. They have helped me with all my needs and questions, super polite and well knowledge. Totally recommend them.​

      Mike Sendler

      Research Expert

      I never see this kind of support and dedication on timely delivery and provide quality data. I recommend SS Technology for data extraction and specially for LinkedIn data extraction. Great team thanks for association.

        John Doe



        we make all your dreams come true in a successful projects.



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