What is Amazon Price Monitoring?

As the number of sellers in eCommerce platforms like Amazon increases, all of them try to attract customers to their stores with various tactics. One of the common tactics that many sellers implement in their stores is providing the products at a lesser price than their competitors. As a buyer, if you want to get the best deal on the products you buy, Amazon Price Monitoring is a practice that you should take seriously.

Using an Amazon price monitoring tool

It goes without saying that in this digital era of shopping, you do not have to sit behind your computer or mobile device to keep track of price changes. You can utilize various tools available in the market to monitor the price changes on Amazon. These tools are perfect for buyers to track the ever-changing fluctuations in the price.

Things to keep in mind when choosing an Amazon price monitoring tool

Since there are multiple price tracking tools in the market, it is important for you to choose one that will provide the best results. The tool that you choose for your price tracking should:

  • Provide updates and comprehensive evaluation of competitor pricing.
  • Feature Chrome extension and a mobile app for convenience.
  • Monitor any product on Amazon.
  • Be user-friendly, and the price should be affordable too.

Benefits of Amazon price monitoring

Whether you are a consumer looking to buy products in bulk or another seller trying to keep track of your competitors’ pricing so that you can price your products better, here are a few benefits of Amazon price monitoring:

  • Staying informed:With Amazon price monitoring, you can stay informed about any price changes of your competitor, and you can adjust your prices in response. As a consumer, you can make informed decisions about whether you want to buy a product or wait for the price to drop further.
  • Better pricing strategy:When you implement price monitoring on your competitors, it gives you an idea of price trends and their pricing behavior. You can use those trends and behaviors to map our your own store’s pricing strategy.
  • Convenience:Since most of the Amazon price monitoring tools have a Google Chrome extension, it gives you the convenience of keeping track of the fluctuation in price from your smartphone too. Even if you are traveling and you do not have to carry your laptop with you just for the sake of price monitoring.
  • Monitor any product:The best thing about Amazon’s price monitoring technique is that it is not limited to a certain category or products; as a consumer or a business owner, you can monitor almost all the products in any category to keep track of the pricing.

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For businesses and consumers, if you want to have up-to-date and informed decisions before taking the next step, Amazon price monitoring can help you immensely. By keeping track of price changes, you can take advantage of discounts and avoid overpaying for products.

Price Monitoring for Products in Retail and E-Commerce

As a business owner, who is trying to survive in a saturated market, price monitoring plays a crucial role whether you are in retail or eCommerce business. The technique of price monitoring involves an ongoing process of keeping track of price fluctuations across different retailers and e-commerce platforms, both online and offline. Keeping track of market and pricing trends helps both consumers and business owners make informed decisions before purchasing a product or staying competitive in the market.

With the rise of eCommerce businesses in the last few years, it has become an important aspect for business owners to consider price monitoring as an inevitable part of their marketing strategy. If you want to keep up with the constantly changing prices and stay ahead of the game, you cannot ignore the importance of price monitoring.

How can retailers benefit from price monitoring?

If you own a retail business, whether it is an online or offline business, you stay competitive in the market only if you are two steps ahead of your competitors. Your product pricing plays an important role in determining how you are attracting customers to your business. If you want to provide competitive prices in the market, price monitoring is your best friend.

As a retailer, it is crucial that you are aware of the prices of similar products offered by your competitors. This information will help you set your own prices accordingly. It will also help you make an informed decision in changing your price and not pricing it too high. If you are selling a product at a certain price and your competitor is selling it at a lesser price, you can figure out which business customers would flock to.

How can eCommerce business owners benefit from price monitoring?

For eCommerce business owners like yourself, price monitoring is an indispensable process for making informed buying decisions. Whether you are adopting price monitoring in your business or not, you can be assured that your customers are. And if your customers are embracing it, you cannot fall behind and expect your business to grow. As an eCommerce business in the online space, it is your duty to be aware of the prices of the products you are selling in order to set the right price and make a profit. Various price monitoring tools will allow you to keep a close eye on what your competitors are pricing for similar products and find a way to reduce your product price without undercutting your own profits.

Price monitoring tools

If you are new to the industry and you do not know how you can keep track of your competitors’ product pricing, you can get help from price monitoring tools. You can use these tools for manual price tracking and for receiving alerts whenever other businesses are making any changes.

Why Choose SS Technology For Price Monitoring Data Scraping?

Limitless Scalability

At SS Technology, you can serve unlimited requests and extract an infinite amount of records; there are no limitations on how much data you can access.

Limitless Customization Options

SS Technology Platform is designed to meet the exact specifications of our clients, no matter how specific the requirements may be.

Guaranteeing Excellence

Ensure the accuracy of your Price Monitoring data scraping with a guaranteed 99.9% precision and consistency in quality.

Steer Clear of Blockages

To ensure optimal performance in price monitoring scraping, utilize multiple proxies and set appropriate delays to solve the captcha quickly and accurately.

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5 Tips on How to Do Data Scraping of Unstructured Data

Data extraction, commonly referred to as web scraping, involves gathering information from a website and saving it in a spreadsheet or file on your computer. This method is an effective way to obtain data from the web and, in certain circumstances, transfer it to another website.

Top 5 tips for doing data scraping of unstructured data

To make the most of the unstructured data that you have scraped, here are the top 5 tips that you can implement:

  • Find a scalable solution:

The traditional techniques of unstructured data scraping break down the results that they have picked from different places on the internet into smaller pieces. While it is easier for programmers to resolve certain issues, it is not ideal for any real-time usage. Another way you can perform data scraping is by creating code to do so; however, it comes with a limitation on how you can use that data.

  • Capability to work across dynamic, unstructured data:

The web scraping software that you use or are planning to use all rely on HTML markers to separate information. However, one issue is that if the HTML code changes, these markers will break down and stop working. For such situations, you need to use an automated data scraping and tracking solution that will allow you to find changes accurately and provide only the necessary information that will allow you to examine unstructured data.

  • Efficiently produce and manage unstructured data scripts:

Unstructured data scraping solutions are designed to handle growing workflows and processes. It helps you gain more productivity and manage any unstructured data efficiently. These tools also have features such as automatic handling of data, tools for efficient bulk operations, and consistent testing for high-quality results.

  • Changing unstructured Data into Useful Structured Data:

For your computers to understand the data you have scraped, it should be in a structured format. When you are using regular and automatic data scraping tools, both tools can turn the unstructured data you have scraped into a structured format.

  • Reduce errors through automation:

You can make codes more organized by using visual abstraction technology. Using automation technology that does not rely on HTML structure is helpful as it will work even when the codes change.

Since web scraping can convert any unstructured data into a structured format, it is highly helpful for businesses to keep track of their competitors. If your company has SEO and online marketing specialists, they will perform web scraping to keep an eye on SERPs so that they have an idea of what measures to take to scale your business.

Amazon Data Scraping: Benefits & Challenges

It is a no-brainer that Amazon has a great deal of data on consumers across the world. This is because they are among the biggest eCommerce companies in the world. Extracting data that can serve your purpose from this data magnitude could turn out to be an excellent idea if you want to create an impact on your business. This blog discusses the meaning of Amazon data scraping, how it can profit you and what hurdles you might have to face in this process. Happy reading!

What Is Amazon Data Scraping?

Data scraping is the method of extracting data from a particular website source, filtering it as per your requirement, and utilizing this data to serve your growth. For example, since a massive number of users use Amazon for their daily purchases, the website naturally has access to the interests, likes, dislikes, and preferences of these customers. If you can get your hands on this data, you can use this priceless information for better targeting and website optimization.

Benefits of Amazon Data Scraping

  1. TargetingBy comprehending your target market, you may make prudent decisions for selling in-demand products. In addition, by scraping data from Amazon, you will gain access to keywords with higher rankings and increase your own ranking.
  2. Comparison Of PricesIf you don’t monitor price changes in the market, particularly during peak seasons, you can incur massive losses in online sales. On the other hand, with Amazon data scraping, you can use pricing intelligence technologies to determine your company’s preference, pricing, and service position.
  3. User EngagementScraping data from outlets such as Amazon provides a more accurate depiction of your product’s standing among customers. In addition, examining customer opinions and preferences on Amazon can assist in defining your customer base, gaining insight into their purchasing habits, and planning diverse product sets for customers.

Challenges of Amazon Data Scraping

  • IP BlockingWebsites use captchas and IP blocking to prevent bots from accessing them. If an IP address repeatedly requests sites without a Captcha confirmation, Amazon will block or blacklist the IP address.
  • Page StructureMost scrapers are configured for a particular page structure. Amazon recognizes this and uses varying page structures.
  • Scraper QualityBecause Amazon is unlike other websites, the site’s algorithms are somewhat difficult to scrape. So, you won’t find much success with an underperforming scraper.

In a nutshell, Amazon scraping is quite a beneficial process through which you can improve the visibility and revenue of your online business. However, you need to have the best data scrapers, like SS Technology, to surpass the various challenges in the process. A leading web data scraping agency, SS Technology, can provide the best IT solutions to you.

How Web Scraping Is Automating the Dropshipping Industry

Up until a decade ago, buying things online was one of those things that we hardly considered doable. But in recent years, especially after the pandemic, there has been a significant rise in online purchases across the globe. No wonder the number of eCommerce websites is also rising day by day. But as the opportunity grows, so does competition, as well as numerous other challenges. This blog discusses a popular alternative for eCommerce sites to run their business effectively and how web scraping tools to aid in automating this process.

What Is Dropshipping?

As an eCommerce entrepreneur, you have to deal with more than one responsibility. Not only should the stock always be ready, but you have to deal with the entire shipping procedure too, which involves a whole new team of people.

Dropshipping is a clever alternative that offers lesser responsibilities to eCommerce sites. In this method, all you have to do is act as an intermediary between the manufacturing unit and the customer who buys the product. While you are responsible for the sale and marketing aspect, you don’t have to deal with the storage or shipping of the products.

How Does Web Scraping Come of Great Use In Automating The Drop shipping Industry?

Coming to web scraping, it is simply amazing how this innovative tech can simplify and automate the dropshipping industry.

  1. You Can Recognize What the Customer NeedsFrom customer needs to demographics and frequency of purchases, web data scraping can get you valuable information about your target audience in no time. Needless to say, you can use these important details to improve your marketing strategies, thereby enhancing sales.
  2. You Can Analyze Your Market Rivals’ PerformanceUnderstanding how your competitor is playing the game is equally important as working on self-improvement in a business. With effective data scraping tools, you can get information such as product pricing, descriptions, reviews, and more.
  3. You Can Deliver The Items Faster To The CustomerWeb scraping tools allow you to automate the shipping process and make it much smoother and more convenient. These tools make use of bots that take care of everything from receiving the order details to delivering the product to the customer. This ensures faster delivery and hence, higher customer satisfaction effortlessly.


In short, web scraping can turn out to be a pivotal tool in drop-shipping, thereby improving your performance as an eCommerce website. However, data scraping requires experts with profound experience in software solutions. SS Technology is perfect if you need such a proficient team by your side. With its wide range of reliable services in web data scraping, data extraction, mobile app development, and IT solutions, SS Technology has become a pioneer in the industry.

How Artificial Intelligence is used In Web Scraping

When it comes to market performance, a company’s standing improves in proportion to the amount of data at its disposal. By scraping data, organizations that specialize in data extraction can gain an understanding of what customers want. Subsequently, they offer products and services that have a simple time integrating themselves into the market and the lives of customers. With the introduction of artificial intelligence into the picture, the web scraping industry is going to grow manifold and dominate the workspace soon. This blog talks about the various ways in which web scraping uses AI.

What Is Meant by Web Scraping?

The practice of frequently harvesting huge volumes of data from the internet is referred to as web scraping services. It is imperative that this process be automated in order to alleviate the strain and discomfort associated with manually pulling data from millions of web pages on a daily basis. It is an effective method that can be put to use in marketing and optimization in businesses.

The Role of AI Web Scraping

Web scraping has had a significant impact on a variety of business procedures, but it is not without its share of technical hurdles, which can make web data harvesting somewhat challenging. Normal online scraping can benefit from the application of techniques from artificial intelligence. It can also assist in overcoming the hurdles presented at each stage of the data-collecting process.

Once you combine web scraping with artificial intelligence, it is possible for the process of building data to become more efficient. This will result in a significant decrease in the amount of time and resources that businesses have to invest in the process of collecting and preparing data in comparison to the process of developing and delivering solutions.

  • Market TrendsThe tastes and choices of consumers are the primary drivers of competition in the automotive industry. This has an impact on the trends that are currently predominating in the market at each specific point.
  • Price StrategyPrices have an effect on every buyer’s decision, with excessively high prices driving away more clients. Collecting necessary information and basing pricing decisions on the insights supplied by this data is an effective method for manufacturing products and maintaining a dominant position in any sector.


In short, AI will play a significant role in revolutionizing the world of web scraping in the coming times. As AI is effective for all walks of life today, it is only too obvious that the field of web scraping is likely to undergo a plethora of positive changes. At SS Technology, you can expect top-notch quality services in the field of website data scraper, price monitoring, mobile app development, and eCommerce site development.

How Are OTT Media Platforms Using Web Scraping Data?

Over The Top media platforms are mediums that offer high-quality video content. These platforms have revolutionized digital life in recent years. Rarely do you find someone who hasn’t heard about Netflix or Amazon Prime videos? Have you noticed that when you watch a particular movie or show on these platforms, you are automatically suggested something similar to watch as you near the end? These platforms use data scraping methods across various websites to collect information about you to make these recommendations. This blog details the process by which they achieve this.

How Do OTT Platforms Use Web Scraping Data?

  • They Use It to Enhance User Experience

Oftentimes, after watching a show or movie that an OTT platform recommends, you are left with the impression of satisfaction. It is amazing how a machine can interpret what you like and dislike. But this doesn’t come as a shock considering the extensive web data scraper  performed by these platforms.

  • They Use It to Retain Customers For Longer Periods

Furthermore, you can find that there are always cross-selling ideas on these platforms. Each new strategy is implemented with one and only one goal in mind: to retain customers. You can find exciting offers and deals showing up on your feed just so you continue the subscription. This also works to attract new customers. Either way, using data scraping, the platforms gain insight into your interests and use these to convince you to be a subscriber for longer periods.

  • They Use It for Marketing And Advertising

Clearly, the detailed information scraped and collected from across the web can be used effectively for marketing and advertising purposes. Targeting improves with stronger information, so it wouldn’t be surprising if, in a few years, you might be thinking of something for a split second, and an ad of that exact same thing appears on your feed!

  • They Use It for Improved User Engagement

When you know what your customer needs, it is easier to form a connection with them. So, website data scraper essentially allows OTT platforms to engage better with customers. Furthermore, they can use the information thus collected to their benefit.

Web Scraping Netflix

Here at SS Technology, we understand the fundamental importance of data quality and its direct impact on data insights and application results. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art OTT app streaming solutions like Netflix Data Scraping to ensure top-notch performance. Our advanced scraping technology collects well-organized Netflix web traffic for optimal use.


To sum it up, OTT giants use web data scraping effectively to garner important information about their users and use it to personalize the experience for their customers. This idea works instantly as every customer craves special attention that caters to their ideas. So, if you want an expert web data scraping expert to help your business, then SS Technology is hands-down the best option there is. They provide optimum quality IT solutions to clients to make long-lasting changes in their businesses.

How Web Scraping Contributes to Digital Transformation

The invention of the internet was a significant milestone in the progress of mankind. And ever since, the internet has kept evolving to finally trigger mass digitization in recent times. No matter what your requirement is, you simply have to type it out or send out your voice to get a solution online.

As online businesses keep developing, so does the field of digital marketing. Newer trends, tools, and ideas hit the market every now and then. And among them all, a mighty powerful strategy that has the potential to impact digital transformation is web scraping. This blog discusses how this effective practice greatly contributes to digital transformation.

3 Ways How Web Scraping Contributes to Digital Transformation

  1. User Intent and Product Research 

    The chief purpose of a business is to earn customers. And for that, you need to ensure your store provides the best user experience. This is true for all businesses, irrespective of whether they are offline or online businesses. Web scraping is the process where data is extracted from varied online sources, processed, and used to boost your business growth. Using this process, you can effectively improve user experience on your website.Web scraping allows you to understand the user intent of your target audience in great detail. Using this vital information, you can make necessary changes in your marketing strategy to attract more conversions. Additionally, it aids in understanding market response to a particular product or service.

  2. Performance Analysis 

    Any good business venture would make sure to consistently improve its performance. However, before you improve your work, you need to first understand how well you are doing. Web scraping helps you determine the best features of your performance as well as those aspects that need some modification. As you work on research to identify how users respond to your strategies, you can identify what trends work best in your favor.

  3. Marketing And Advertising 

    Finally, there is the huge impact of web scraping on the marketing and advertising aspects of your business. You can use this method to find out how well a product or strategy performs in the market. You can also look for innovative ideas used by businesses across the globe to include them in your strategy to earn more revenue.Using data extraction, it is also possible to gain insight into which are the different kinds of audiences who find your product or service appealing in terms of age, location, and other parameters. Furthermore, it can measure social media response for your brand as well as assist in effective search engine optimization.

In short, web scraping is quite a revolutionary idea in digital transformation. However, your success also depends on the hiring of a quality service provider like SS Technology. Their data extraction and website development services are reputable in the market for the best client experience.

Real Estate: How Web Data Extraction Helps Make Smarter Decisions

There are many useful techniques and tools online that you can make use of to earn higher profits in your business. Among these, web data extraction is one of the most trending and practical techniques used in the real estate business. The process involves extracting data from numerous online sources and using it to bring about the desired outcome in your business. This blog briefly discusses how web data extraction aids in creating smarter decisions in the real estate market.

4 Ways Web Data Extraction Helps Make Smarter Decisions In Real Estate Business

  1. Data Access 

    Through web data extraction, you can get your hands on vital information related to various aspects of the business. For example, you can make use of information like agent details, property details, sales and rent prices, addresses in different areas, and others. Using this valuable data, you can then improve your offerings according to user needs. This will help in earning more customers quickly.

  2. Performance Analysis 

    Another key point is that you can compare and judge your performance based on the data obtained through data extraction. By finding out if you are doing enough to match the growing needs and trends, you can easily identify areas of improvement and work on them. Web extraction also helps you predict your results as you can access buyer and seller information and pricing.

  3. Competition Analysis 

    There are infinitely many successful online real estate businesses. If you wish to keep up with your competitors, web data extraction is one of the most intelligent ways to achieve this. You can crawl and extract data from competitor websites, so long as it is done legally. Then you can analyze and compare the performances so as to optimize your website for a better user experience.

  4. Review Management 

    Customer feedback is an integral element of digital business. Since the reviews and ratings are all displayed online, it is necessary to have a proper review management system so that you make a good impression. Web data extraction helps you understand what users think of your brand as well as the general intent of the industry you are in. Additionally, with access to feedback, you can conveniently work on negative feedback and maintain the positive ones effectively.

To sum it up, web data extraction significantly contributes to the success of real estate businesses. You can always consult the expert team at SS Technology for the most convenient web extraction services. They use the latest tech to improve your site performance and business efficiency.

How To Optimize Data Strategy Through Accurate Web Scraping

This is the age of digitalization, where everything is on the internet. In the previous decade alone, the internet has evolved considerably and is still evolving at a faster rate than earlier. Online businesses are flourishing, thus, attracting more and more people to start digital business ventures. However, every digital business requires a solid data strategy in order to collect, process, and use the data for a better user experience. This blog talks about how accurate web scraping can help optimize your data strategy effectively.

Three Ways in Which Accurate Web Scraping Optimizes Your Data Strategy

Here are three brilliant ways in which you can make use of web scraping technology to improve your business’s online visibility, optimize your data strategy, and, thus, gain higher conversion rates.

  1. It Saves You Time

    Web scraping involves the extraction of data using crawlers from varied sources on the internet. Although this process can be done manually, it takes a huge amount of time to achieve that. Web scraping, on the other hand, is drastically quicker, thereby saving you a lot of time. Furthermore, since digital marketing is a never-ending process, you can utilize this time, thus saved, for other important marketing activities.

  2. It Saves You Effort And Expense

    In data scraping, the HTML code of different sources on the internet is scraped to extract data. After the information is collected in this manner, it is stored and processed into a desirable format for the end use. In contrast to doing all this manually, a web scraping tool can quickly provide the desirable results with little effort from your side. Additionally, the manual effort also demands greater expense. So, you can also save money by using accurate web scraping services.

  3. It Gives You An Edge Over Your Market Rivals

    It is comprehensible that web scraping is several times more effective than manual data extraction, owing to data accuracy and relevance. By the time manual data scraping is completed, the data will already have changed since variations happen in a matter of seconds online. Web scraping is consistent and quick, which makes it a flawless option over others. Since several companies continue to implement this process manually, using web scraping tools gives you an edge over competitors in the market.


web scraping is a highly effective method using which you can reap higher profits for your online enterprise. SS Technology is a prominent web data scraping agency and IT service provider that can assist you in this regard. Their varied range of client-friendly services, like social media data extraction and competitor price monitoring, can aid you in creating massive revenue from your business quickly.


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