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Web Scraping Amazon

Amazon is a gold mine when it comes to user data. Millions of transactions are done on the eCommerce platform every day, with new products added and outdated and sold-out products removed by the sellers of the platform.

But while listing of products is typically the way one takes advantage of the platform, there is another way that one can stay ahead of their competition, and that is by Web scraping Amazon services by SS Technology.

As mentioned earlier, Amazon is a gold mine when it comes to user data that businesses can take advantage of. This data scraping can help you easily analyze the market, and look at the situation by product review, pricing, best sellers, and other necessary metrics that can make a difference and help a business stay ahead of its rivals.

Amazon Web scraping is extremely easy and painless for professionals with years of experience in the field and can guarantee you a satisfactory solution for your requirement and on your set metric. But in addition to that, the extracted data needs to be in a legible state, understood by anyone without any difficulty. That is precisely what is being offered at SS Technology.

Amazon Data Saraping Service
Amazon Web Scraping

Amazon Web Scraping

SS Technology offers a wide range of web scraping services that clients can take advantage of. SS Technology is a professional web scraping Amazon service provider that guarantees timely and hassle-free solutions for one’s requirements. The wide range of services offered by the company includes –

  • Amazon Product’s intelligence: Allowing one to track top-ranking products, on-demand products on Amazon, seller information, shipping information, and more.
  • Amazon Price intelligence:  Allowing one to predict the weaknesses of their products and distinguish the price fluctuations by scraping competitors’ prices.
  • Amazon Competition Tracking: This allows one to track their competitors offering similar products with the capability of constant monitoring.
  • Amazon Inventory Scraping: Get instant alert for sold-our and low-stock items, allowing one to get precise products in the correct quantity.
  • Amazon Reviews Scraping: Easily scrape product reviews and ratings and analyze customers’ perspectives on products on offer.

Web Scraping Services

Extracting crucial data from Amazon can help businesses reach unimaginable heights by assisting them with appropriate elements that will surely rank products higher and receive positive reviews. And there is no better companion that one can connect for such needs than SS Technology.

web scraping services

Website Data Extraction?

Website Data Extraction is the procedure of fetching website data & content using crawlers, bots, and scrapers.

Data extraction from Websites helps companies get unstructured data from the Web. Further, it can be converted into a structured format that can be used in future business operations.

The number of sites can be massive with a large number of pages. Thus, industry-level Web Data Extraction is very tough to set up. Also, the scraper must consider personnel’s necessity and the volume of the data. The scraping Speed must need to taken into consideration too.

SS Technology can deal with massive data by giving you a cost-effective solution. Our offerings are unique and beneficial.
Our expertise in various industries can cover your problems from all aspects. Starting from Web-directories, Airlines, Travel, Finance to Healthcare.

If your requirements are high and you have not found an adequate solution from your existing service provider, connect with SS Technology. We will help you to scrape scalable industry-level data.

Web Directories Data Extraction

A web directory is a manual listing of websites in an organized way. The entire directory is hand-picked and not by software cause an actual person classifies which websites should get listed on a per-site basis. 

Using a web directory, we can find the title and content description of various websites. There are two ways of doing it. The first one is web browsing and the other is searching. Having a search engine, we can search throughout the website. 

Explore opportunities to make the best use of local directories on the world wide web. Lookup for people, keywords, addresses, and much more in the span of a few seconds by using our Web Directory Extraction Service.

Web Directories Data Extraction
Data Extraction in Healthcare Industry

Healthcare Industry Data Extraction

Data extraction in the healthcare system incorporates an excessive capability that amplifies care and reduces expenses. Some professionals do consider that the opportunities to increase care and reduce costs may be expensive.

SS Technology here can optimize the cost to conduct healthcare large scale data extraction. Stay updated with new research and discoveries in the field of medicine with the latest healthcare implementation techniques. Use modern equipment that fits your customer needs and benefits thousands of people every day.

Tourism Industry Data Extraction

Tourism companies are improving their management & hospitalities using data extraction. Extracting information from various travel & tourism websites give customer insights to improve the facility and service.

You can now sell the right product in front of the right customer at the right time. Thus, crack more sales.

So, Compare your customer base with those of your competitors using our latest data extraction tools and spread your tourism firm far and wide. Let the tourism industry flourish in your hands with a few simple steps.

Tourism Industry Data Extraction
Airline industry Data Extraction services

Airline Industry Data Extraction

Airline data extraction helps you get structured flight data like arrival & departure time, prices, flight number, gate information, route information and many more from various Airline websites.

The extracted data can further help automate the operations like resource & flight management, gate allocation, etc.

So, extract relevant information about flight schedules, onboarding, statistics, and pricing all under one roof. Get the data you need at your fingertips by checking out our Airline Industry Data Extraction Services.

Finance Industry Data Extraction

The most dynamic of all industries is the finance sector which needs regular analysis. The generated reports in this process can further estimate an organization’s financial strength based on the analysis of lend-borrow history, repayment schedules and income statements.

An extracted financial data consists of income statements, balance sheets, etc. Hence, the analyzed reports help companies formulate business decisions faster.

Using financial data extraction, get the best deals on stocks and market prices and build your finance website with the best clarity.

Finance Industry Data Extraction


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