5 Tips on How to Do Data Scraping of Unstructured Data

thanks-web 08 Feb 2023

Data extraction, commonly referred to as web scraping, involves gathering information from a website and saving it in a spreadsheet or file on your computer. This method is an effective way to obtain data from the web and, in certain circumstances, transfer it to another website.

Top 5 tips for doing data scraping of unstructured data

To make the most of the unstructured data that you have scraped, here are the top 5 tips that you can implement:

  • Find a scalable solution:

The traditional techniques of unstructured data scraping break down the results that they have picked from different places on the internet into smaller pieces. While it is easier for programmers to resolve certain issues, it is not ideal for any real-time usage. Another way you can perform data scraping is by creating code to do so; however, it comes with a limitation on how you can use that data.

  • Capability to work across dynamic, unstructured data:

The web scraping software that you use or are planning to use all rely on HTML markers to separate information. However, one issue is that if the HTML code changes, these markers will break down and stop working. For such situations, you need to use an automated data scraping and tracking solution that will allow you to find changes accurately and provide only the necessary information that will allow you to examine unstructured data.

  • Efficiently produce and manage unstructured data scripts:

Unstructured data scraping solutions are designed to handle growing workflows and processes. It helps you gain more productivity and manage any unstructured data efficiently. These tools also have features such as automatic handling of data, tools for efficient bulk operations, and consistent testing for high-quality results.

  • Changing unstructured Data into Useful Structured Data:

For your computers to understand the data you have scraped, it should be in a structured format. When you are using regular and automatic data scraping tools, both tools can turn the unstructured data you have scraped into a structured format.

  • Reduce errors through automation:

You can make codes more organized by using visual abstraction technology. Using automation technology that does not rely on HTML structure is helpful as it will work even when the codes change.

Since web scraping can convert any unstructured data into a structured format, it is highly helpful for businesses to keep track of their competitors. If your company has SEO and online marketing specialists, they will perform web scraping to keep an eye on SERPs so that they have an idea of what measures to take to scale your business.

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