Android App Development: Build your Dream Android App

sstechnology 19 Jan 2022


App Development might sound like a difficult job for you. And receiving the proper guidance and choosing the correct path to build an App, falls under the category of necessities. You might have an amazing app idea that you want to execute, but to make that plan work in reality, one needs certain skills and experience. Well, you may have the skill section checked. But, lack of experience might prove to be an obstacle on your path. So, take our help to overcome those obstacles. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic, shall we? 

Tools to Develop an Android App:

Firstly, let’s focus on the android developer tools that allow you to create powerful applications for the android platform. The App Development tools can get categorized into two types: first, SDK tools, and the other, platform tools

Starting from android helps you manage AVDs and the installed components of the SDK, to DDMS, emulator, which lets you debug and put your application to test without a physical device, respectively. Additional tools are mksdcard to create disk images, proguard that optimizes, shrinks, and obfuscates by omitting unused or redundant code. And other tools include sqlite3, Android Debug Bridge (adb), and traceview. Using Android Debug Bridge, you will get a command-line tool to communicate with an emulator instance. Connected Android-powered devices are another element of this tool list. On the other hand, the platform-tools are customized to support the latest features of the Android platform

Procedure to Develop Android Apps:

Now, you have developed an idea about the tools required. So, let us move on to the necessary steps of building an Android app. Once you have a definition of your idea and have come up with a plan, you need to do a thorough research of your competitors in the market. Now, you have to start working on the wireframe and layout. Next comes the most crucial step, choosing a development path. You can follow any traditional approach to develop your App, followed by testing for the same. Finally, you can enlist it in the Google Play store and Launch it.


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