3 surefire ways to create a winning strategy with competitor pricing analysis

thanks-web 23 Feb 2023

Do you often wonder how big retailer brands improve their bottom line and sustain themselves in the ever-competitive eCommerce industry?

It is no secret that in eCommerce retail pricing is the most important aspect and if you intend to be at par with your competitors, you need to have a good price monitoring strategy in the first place. It is extremely important to leverage price monitoring for the marketplace to keep track of your competitor’s moves including their pricing and promotional offers they roll out from time to time to entice new customers and retain the old ones.

Let’s get started and find three surefire ways to create a winning strategy with competitor pricing analysis.

  1. Don’t indulge in a price-drop warEasier said than done; however, it is of utmost importance to resist the temptation of getting indulged in a price drop war. Yes, it is a fact that pricing is one of the decisive factors in retail eCommerce, but the lowest price doesn’t always carry the bell. Use comprehensive online price comparison software to create a robust strategy. It will help you find out the perfect price your products must have.Combine two products or provide offers that end customers cannot resist. Client acquisition becomes more important even if the profit isn’t quite what you should be making.
  2. Realize your USPsAs an eCommerce brand, you must know your unique selling proposition. In other words, what’s that one quality that differentiates your brand from the rest? That quality is your USP or unique selling proposition.Like price, customer loyalty is also a key factor in eCommerce retail as it results in recurring business. Your USP could be product quality, quick one-day delivery, or prompt customer support. Also offering rewards from time to time to your loyal customers is a great way to acknowledge their patronage. It is all about thinking differently and coming up with innovative ideas.
  3. Find out which products offer the best data pointsAs one of the leading companies offering cutting-edge online product price comparison software, we highly recommend you to go through your past data and trends apart from of course external key data such as competitor pricing, holiday season, and offers to find optimal price points. It will help you position yourself better in the competitive market.

By accessing and assessing data, you can easily change the pricing of your products according to a disciplined strategy and systematic approach. You also need to find out which products offered by your brand render the best data points. Automatic price revision suggestions become a breeze when you use customized competitor price monitoring software equipped with the price index, pricing analysis, and cutting-edge algorithms.


In the eCommerce world, data and pricing are everything and if you have the right price comparison software at your disposal, you can create a winning strategy and position your business by responding well to price changes.

SS Technology is a reliable online price comparison software company in India offering bleeding-edge and the best price monitoring software for eCommerce. If you have any questions related to online price comparison software, feel free to touch base with us.

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