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sstechnology 20 Jan 2022


In this fast-paced competitive world, one thing that has captivated the mind of most people, is entrepreneurship, building an empire of their own. If you, too, dream of achieving something similar to this, what is your excuse to avoid getting started? If you want to build your own business from scratch, get an idea about the latest trends in the market and the competition, thenMagento is just what you need!

From small businesses to top e-commerce brands, Magento is an open-source system that can be adapted to any business, open to improvements and customizations and thereby, fulfilling all your requirements.

Benefits of Using Magento:

Now that you have gained a basic idea about what Magento is, let’s move on to the part where you will learn about the benefits of using Magento.

Some of the basic features of Magento include management of products, categories, inventory. Be it their search technology which is fast and smooth along with support search on Google SiteMap to International support, multi-lingual and monetary, with amazing promotional and marketing tools, Magento has it all. What makes Magento stand out of the crowd, is its flexibility, scalable E-Commerce solutions, and high customization. It also allows users the freedom to choose the hosting services and provides an SEO-friendly content management system and multi-platform integration.

And honestly, the list of benefits goes on. Now, let us move on to the procedure of creating an integration.

How to Integrate Magento:

• Implementing a simple integration requires a little knowledge of the Magento internal processes. The first step begins with creating a module with simple configurations.

• After that, you need to add the file specifications required for the integration. This is followed by installing the module and checking the integration for any errors.

• Finally, integrate with your application.

• Before activating the integration in Magento, you have to create two pages on your application to handle OAuth communications, login page, and callback page.


Well, with all the information provided above, you might be a little bit intimidated, and probably ask yourself as to whether or not you will be able to own or run an eCommerce business. The system can handle millions of users, therefore, as it grows, it gets somewhat more complex. But we have the solution for you. SS Technology is here to solve all your problems with ease. Allow us to take up all the hard work and provide you with the best results possible to fulfill all your requirements. And thus, you can take a back seat and watch your dreams turn into reality without the fear of facing any obstacle whatsoever.

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