How Are OTT Media Platforms Using Web Scraping Data?

thanks-web 04 Jan 2023

Over The Top media platforms are mediums that offer high-quality video content. These platforms have revolutionized digital life in recent years. Rarely do you find someone who hasn’t heard about Netflix or Amazon Prime videos? Have you noticed that when you watch a particular movie or show on these platforms, you are automatically suggested something similar to watch as you near the end? These platforms use data scraping methods across various websites to collect information about you to make these recommendations. This blog details the process by which they achieve this.

How Do OTT Platforms Use Web Scraping Data?

  • They Use It to Enhance User Experience

Oftentimes, after watching a show or movie that an OTT platform recommends, you are left with the impression of satisfaction. It is amazing how a machine can interpret what you like and dislike. But this doesn’t come as a shock considering the extensive web data scraper  performed by these platforms.

  • They Use It to Retain Customers For Longer Periods

Furthermore, you can find that there are always cross-selling ideas on these platforms. Each new strategy is implemented with one and only one goal in mind: to retain customers. You can find exciting offers and deals showing up on your feed just so you continue the subscription. This also works to attract new customers. Either way, using data scraping, the platforms gain insight into your interests and use these to convince you to be a subscriber for longer periods.

  • They Use It for Marketing And Advertising

Clearly, the detailed information scraped and collected from across the web can be used effectively for marketing and advertising purposes. Targeting improves with stronger information, so it wouldn’t be surprising if, in a few years, you might be thinking of something for a split second, and an ad of that exact same thing appears on your feed!

  • They Use It for Improved User Engagement

When you know what your customer needs, it is easier to form a connection with them. So, website data scraper essentially allows OTT platforms to engage better with customers. Furthermore, they can use the information thus collected to their benefit.

Web Scraping Netflix

Here at SS Technology, we understand the fundamental importance of data quality and its direct impact on data insights and application results. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art OTT app streaming solutions like Netflix Data Scraping to ensure top-notch performance. Our advanced scraping technology collects well-organized Netflix web traffic for optimal use.


To sum it up, OTT giants use web data scraping effectively to garner important information about their users and use it to personalize the experience for their customers. This idea works instantly as every customer craves special attention that caters to their ideas. So, if you want an expert web data scraping expert to help your business, then SS Technology is hands-down the best option there is. They provide optimum quality IT solutions to clients to make long-lasting changes in their businesses.

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