Profitable E-Commerce using WooCommerce

sstechnology 20 Jan 2022


With online shopping, consulting, ordering food, classes, etc. becoming the new point of gravitation, most commercial places are opting for attaching an ‘e’ before their genre of working. If you are one of them then, getting both seller and buyer-friendly sites is the primary need and that can be a pretty challenging job. So here comes our friendly neighbourhood WooCommerce, a free plug-in for WordPress, with a huge range of features and functions.

Benefits of using WooCommerce:

WooCommerce stands out as an e-commerce solution with huge benefits some of which are,

• Being a free and open-source plug-in, all kind of designing, production, and installation are affordable and flexible over WooCommerce.

• WooCommerce has a huge number of themes, both free and paid, which costs around $100 and includes support from their developer team.

• With WooCommerce, no need to rely on the terms and conditions of third-party service providers.

• Work safely on WooCommerce with regular security updates, and the support of security experts like

• Being on WordPress, SEO becomes a boon of using WooCommerce.

• Simplified sales analysis and customer usage with WooCommerce’s built-in analytics and also google analytics.


Features of WooCommerce:

Some basic features of WooCommerce are,

• Flexible customization

• Built-in-blogging

• Easy product management

• Unlimited number of products for selling

• Managing local language, currency, and measuring units.

• Facilitated up-selling and cross-selling, supported by a large community of users.

How to Integrate WooCommerce:

If you want to integrate WooCommerce, follow the steps:

1. Firstly, you have to run WordPress on a self-hosted website, followed by the installation of WordPress.

2. Then, you have to install the e-commerce serviceability with WooCommerce, which includes,

3. Creating an account on and

4. Downloading the WooCommerce plugin, installing it, and then activating it. Or, you can search it from within the website and then install and activate it.

5. Next, from the setup wizard, you have to choose the theme to determine the shop’s look.

6. Lastly, purchase extensions for payment gateways, memberships, subscriptions, shipping, etc. to make your store fully functional and you are ready to go.


WooCommerce itself is a huge thing to explore along with its variety of features. So, take the help of SS Technology to integrate WooCommerce for your e-commerce business. We offer a wide range of E-commerce services that will help you to sell more by converting more leads. Grow your E-commerce business and generate more profit. So, check out SS Technology for the best services with an affordable pricing scheme.

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