How is the strategic businesses use of web data crawling in current market?

Online retail is one of the most challenging businesses; the increasing competition is making things worst. There are hundreds of thousands of retailers, trying to sell the same product, targeting the same audience, and keeping the prices low so as to attract more and more customers. Well, every problem has a solution, and online retail and more sales can also be achieved with the help of proper strategy. One of the reasons businesses fail to implement a solid strategy is not being able to get the right database of customers and competitors. Online data scraping is the key to collect data from various online sources.

More and more customers are shopping online these days. They leave their opinion, suggestions, and emotions about any specific product, you can consider this as their overall experience with the product and hence, this is crucial data for any online retailer. Web scraping tools enable you to gather customer reviews from variety of eCommerce stores, understand their specific requirements and fulfill them. This is a key strategy to delight your customers.

Price fight on eCommerce stores is common; you need to be well aware of the right selling prices so that customers prefer buying from you. It is a fact that, customers compare prices prior making any purchase; this is the reason why you need to quote competitive prices so as to stay ahead of the curve. Web data extraction provides you with the right data to help you formulate the right pricing strategy.

Analyze demand
Customer demand needs to be tracked prior making any strategy. Knowing the demands gives you the freedom to make changes in your products and also fill your inventory with only the best selling products. This, in turn, will enable you to sell more units and delight more customers.

Monitor campaigns
What and how your competitors are selling, you need to keep a close eye on these things. With the help of web scraping, you can come to know the way your competitors try to sell their products; also how they run their campaign, at what prices, all these useful details can help you improve the quality of your campaigns.

Hence, you need to locate the best web scraping solution that can provide you with all these useful data and insights.

iOS App Development: Time to Conquer Apple App Store

Apple’s cellular operating system is called iOS that runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and, iPad hardware. Apple provides gear and assets for developing iOS apps and add-ons for those devices. As an iOS developer, you may develop in local languages including Swift or Objective-C, or construct cross-platform local programs by the usage of React Native (JavaScript) or Xamarin (C# & F#).

Top 5 iOS App Development Tools


Xcode is the professional IDE of Apple used for developing software programs for macro’s, iPad OS, iOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It additionally allows to put up the app on the Apple App Store


AppCode IDE is the primary desire of Apple builders if you need to construct iOS mobile apps by the usage of numerous programming languages, like Swift, Objective-C, C, and C++.


The Transporter device facilitates importing your content material without delay to Apple.


iOS app builders use Simulator to prototype and check their iOS cellular packages all through the app improvement process. It is likewise part of Xcode’s installed gear that runs on Mac for simulating iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Apple TV environments.


CocoaPods is a dependency supervisor for Xcode projects. It can also be used for third-party library integration because it has more than 83K libraries and is utilized in three million-plus apps.


Steps to Develop Application on IOS:

1: Strategy, Research & Analysis:

Any cellular app development crew wishes to put together the right approach for evolving your concept right into a hit app. You have to develop a revolutionary and compelling idea to beautify your average organization mobility approach

2: Go through Apple’s Guidelines:

Before scheming the iOS app, you have to publicize their app on Apple App Store to make it accessible for goal customers. Users can then download the app, put up their comments and reviews, and provide a rating of their choice. Thus, keep yourself up to date according to Apple’s App Store guidelines.

3: Prioritize the App Design:

Designing the app manner is critical, usually to deliver a faultless commercial enterprise app for the iOS platform. You can without problems get entry to all of the facts associated with Dos and Don’ts suggestions for iOS app layout at the Apple professional website.

4: Prepare Wireframes & Prototypes:

Cellular app designers can start the iOS app designing method with rough paper sketches. Wireframes are the virtual shape of sketches that any iOS app improvement corporation can use to put together conceptual layouts according to the app’s useful requirements.

5: App Testing:

It is critical to check the utility earlier than releasing it on the Apple App Store. The app testing team has to make sure that the app is bug-free and efficient.

6: Post Maintenance of the App:

Developers need to maintain the app from time to time and update it often, even after making it available on the iOS store for download.

This process looks hectic. Right? So, we here at SS Technology are there to help you out by developing your iOS-based application most effectively and efficiently. We believe that constructing iOS packages with ultra-modern equipment and programming languages allows organizations to create great products. So, check out our website and order today.

Android App Development: Build your Dream Android App


App Development might sound like a difficult job for you. And receiving the proper guidance and choosing the correct path to build an App, falls under the category of necessities. You might have an amazing app idea that you want to execute, but to make that plan work in reality, one needs certain skills and experience. Well, you may have the skill section checked. But, lack of experience might prove to be an obstacle on your path. So, take our help to overcome those obstacles. Let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic, shall we? 

Tools to Develop an Android App:

Firstly, let’s focus on the android developer tools that allow you to create powerful applications for the android platform. The App Development tools can get categorized into two types: first, SDK tools, and the other, platform tools

Starting from android helps you manage AVDs and the installed components of the SDK, to DDMS, emulator, which lets you debug and put your application to test without a physical device, respectively. Additional tools are mksdcard to create disk images, proguard that optimizes, shrinks, and obfuscates by omitting unused or redundant code. And other tools include sqlite3, Android Debug Bridge (adb), and traceview. Using Android Debug Bridge, you will get a command-line tool to communicate with an emulator instance. Connected Android-powered devices are another element of this tool list. On the other hand, the platform-tools are customized to support the latest features of the Android platform

Procedure to Develop Android Apps:

Now, you have developed an idea about the tools required. So, let us move on to the necessary steps of building an Android app. Once you have a definition of your idea and have come up with a plan, you need to do a thorough research of your competitors in the market. Now, you have to start working on the wireframe and layout. Next comes the most crucial step, choosing a development path. You can follow any traditional approach to develop your App, followed by testing for the same. Finally, you can enlist it in the Google Play store and Launch it.


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