How can Collecting Data Improve the HR Procedures?

Human Resource (HR) is probably one of the most important departments in any business or corporation. From hiring new employees to protecting the interest and image of the company, from executing administrative processes to creating policies by using the most cost-efficient manner, the importance of an HR department cannot be overstated. HR also ensures that employees of a company embrace the company’s philosophy, reviews employee performance, and manage workplace conflicts whenever there are any.

Why is data collection important to HR procedures?

Data collection and analysis is an essential procedure for the HR department in any organization. Since human resources handle a wide variety of functions in an organization or smoother running of all workplaces, data collection can help them immensely. Some of the situations where data collection can play an important role are:

  1. Development and Training
  2. Talent Management
  3. Workplace Safety
  4. Development and Training
  5. Compensation and Advantages
  6. HR Compliance

If you are wondering how data collection can help you improve various procedures in HR, you should know that from hiring individuals to in the worst situations, offboarding and data collection can be of great help. Here is how data collection can help improve your organization’s procedures:

  1. Hiring: When you are hiring a new individual to join your company, you should be careful. Their performance will impact your company in the future; whether it is positive or negative depends on the person’s performance. When you have all the necessary data available on a public platform about the person online, it will help you make a decision whether you should hire them to be a part of your company, and it will affect your company.
  2. Promotion: HR should also be able to collect data about their performance once hired. When various data are compiled together, it becomes easier for the HR department to find out which employees deserve a promotion and how often they deserve it.
  3. Offboarding: When HR can collect data from every department in your company, it is easier for them to decide which employees to retain and which of them to let go in desperate cases. It is essential to create a balance in the company so that the start employee of the company does not feel like their hard work has gone to waste. It is also important to retain the star employees so that they do not join your competitor.
  4. Employee relations: Another reason HR should collect employee data within the organization is to understand employee relations not only with their superiors but also with each other. Collecting such data would offer solutions to various problems that might arise between employees, superiors, and each other.
  5. Feedback: Asking employees to provide feedback about various aspects of their work life gives HR an idea about how employees at various work settings are performing and what their prospects are for the coming year or quarter.

These are only a few ways collecting data can improve the HR procedures in any company, no matter what industry your business is in.




Path-Breaking Court Decision on Scraping –Scraping Public Data from any Website without Permission isn’t Illegal or a Crime

hiQ Labs vs LinkedIn Case on Web Scraping:

Two years later when a lower court appropriately decided that LinkedIn can’t use CFAA (Computer Fraud and Abuse Act)to stop third-parties from scraping the website, California’s 9th Circuit appeals court has given a judgment that it’s not unlawful or illegal to scrape data from the public websites without taking prior approval and that’s a huge victory for a small firm like hiQ.

The decision comes after an extended legal clash between a small data analytics firm named hiQ and LinkedIn, a Microsoft-owned company. This popular social site sent a cease-and-desist letter to HiQ, commanding it to stop scraping the LinkedIn site. In the counter suit, hiQ sued LinkedIn for preventing it from scraping the public content from the website. The 9th Circuit has given the decision on the side of hiQ, saying that scraping any public website does not interrupt the CFAA, even if the website owner disallows with the cease-and-desist letter; this language strongly advocates that CFAA only affects to bypass the authentication.

While discussing the CFAA, this 9th Circuit panel has strongly suggested that CFAA applies only to prevent bypassing authentication and not to halt companies from blocking the companies or people they don’t like.

For all the reasons, it looks like the CFAA’s prohibition about using a computer “without permission” gets violated if a person avoids a computer’s usually applicable rules about accessing permissions like username & password requirements, for accessing a computer. It is expected that when any computer network allows public access of its data, the user’s access that openly available data which won’t come under constitute access without the authorization under CFAA and the data that hiQ wants to access doesn’t own by the LinkedIn as well as hasn’t been determined by LinkedIn in private using an approval system.

After that hiQ has raised severe questions about if LinkedIn may raise the CFAA to prevent hiQ’s possibly commendable tortious interfering claim. They note that individuals who view themselves as a victim of the data scraping are not without any option, although the CFAA doesn’t get applied the state law invade to possessions claims might still be accessible.

And other sources of action like misappropriation, copyright infringement, conversion, undeserved enrichment, breach of privacy, or breach of contract may also include. E.g., Associated Press v. Meltwater U.S. Holdings, Inc., 931 F. Supp. 2d 537, 561 (S.D.N.Y. 2013) (holds that a software company’s bearing in scraping as well as aggregating the copyrighted news articles wasn’t threatened by the fair use).

Addition from the 9th Circuit Panel:
The House Report 1984 on the CFAA openly analogized the bearing prohibited by the section 1030 for forced entry:

“It’s notable that section 1030 copes with the “unauthorized access” idea of computer frauds rather than merely the use of computers. Therefore, the conduct forbidden is equivalent to ‘breaking & entering’ . . . .’”.

Similarly, Senator Jeremiah Denton considered the CFAA as the statute designed for preventing unlawful intrusion to distant computers, seeing that

“this bill makes clear that illegal access to any Government computer is an intrude offense, as certainly as if the lawbreaker had inputted a regulated Government compound with no proper authorization.”

11 132 Cong. Rec. 27639 (1986) (emphasis added). While considering the amendments to CFAA a couple of years later, this House again interrelated computer intrusion to entering and breaking. See H.R. Rep. No. 99-612, at 5–6 (1986) (labeling “the increasing group of electronic trespassers,” that intrude “just as if they ruined a window as well as entered into the home whereas the inhabitants were away”).

The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is the Cyber Security bill of the United States which was passed in 1984 as are vision to the present computer fraud law that had been incorporated in the Comprehensive Crime Control Act 1984.

Promote Business and Services using Web Directories Data extraction

We are in the era of information. The more information an organization has, the stronger it is. Many opportunities are there to extract information thanks to technology. Now, we can find any information in the blink of an eye. All this information is arranged on a website. A web directory is a record where we can store websites. It helps us to find websites and links according to our requirements. On the other hand, Data extraction is a process to gather data from various sources of the Web. Data extraction from web directories helps to develop the productivity of a company. Various industries are using data extraction to develop their infrastructure, management policies and offerings.

What is a Web directory:
A web directory is a manual listing of websites in an organized way. The entire directory is hand-picked and not by software cause an actual person classifies which websites should get listed on a per-site basis. Using a web directory, we can find the title and content description of various websites. There are two ways of doing it. The first one is web browsing and the other is searching. Having a search engine, we can search throughout the website.

Method of Data Extraction from Web Directory:
You can gather the contact information of your customers and prospects using web directories data extraction. You need to take the following steps to extract data from web directories.
• The first step is to crawl through the web directories using a crawler. You can also use customised scrapers according to your requirements.
• Now, you need to define the search criteria to fetch your desired fields such as email, contact information, company name, industry, address etc.
• Export the data in the desired format.
• Integrate the data according to your client’s requirements to promote his business and services.

The extraction process of data from various web directories is a complex job. You need data mining experts and scrapers to do it accurately. Also, there are multiple methods to extract data from directories with their advantages and disadvantages. Hence it becomes tougher. Don’t worry, SS Technology is here to help you to make your job easier. We have years of experience to extract data from web directories. We are skilled in intelligent extraction methods and deep crawling to extract data from every kind of web directory. So, visit SS Technology and check out our services to book a demo now.

Impact of Data Extraction in Tourism Industry

Data extraction is a process to collect data from many websites using scrapers & mining tools. Extracting data has become crucial because it reduces human error by automating the data mining procedure. Different companies are using data extraction to develop their business. It also helps them to serve the best offers to their customers. Hence, The benefits of data extraction have also impacted the tourism industry. Tourism companies are improving their management & hospitalities using data extraction. Extracting information from various travel & tourism websites give customer insights to improve the facility and service. It can help to get an edge over competitors.

Importance of data extraction in the tourism industry:

• People love to travel & tourism companies help them from getting accommodation to set up the travel plan. Using Data extraction, travel agencies can get more information regarding new travel destinations where their customers are wishing to travel. It helps them to create the perfect travel plan and essentially cut the competition.
• By extracting data, hotels and travel agencies can sell the right offer in front of the proper traveler to maximize profits. They can able to identify the proper channel and perfect price to confirm the sale.
• By extracting and analyzing data from other travel agencies, your tourism company can declare new packages to win more customers and defect other competitors.

Methods of data extraction in the tourism industry –
Data extraction methods are very important to know. We need to collect data from authentic sources and examine them. While extracting data you need to choose proper software such as scraper, crawler.

• Now, extract the information about the customer’s willingness.

• Gather data about hotel system, address, customer review, foods, hotel rooms and facilities of other tourism companies.

• After that process, process the data according to demand.

• Use data visualization tools and software to export them as pictures, figures, and graphs. It will be very helpful for your company to identify the current trend.

All in all, it is a tough job. It has to be done with a lot of patience and it is time-dependent. But SS Technology can help you to make your job easier. SS technology takes the challenge to deliver you the best outcome. So, take our help to extract data from the tourism industry. Looks amazing and exciting Right? So visit order now and conquer your competitors.

Business Revolution on Use of Data Extraction Service

Data extraction essentially entails the use of equipment to scrape via online assets to acquire the data you need. It lets you retrieve applicable information and search for methods to combine it into your workflow. There are many internet scraping equipments to pick from, that may cause confusion and indecision concerning which is the best for your organisation while extracting data. Depending on the equipment you employ, it may organise your information into a relatively usable aid so that you can enhance and develop your business, from productiveness to marketplace research.

Benefits of Data Extraction in Business:

1.To put together data for future evaluation: 

When you extract information records, it is simpler to analyse. Extracted information produces significant data for your commercial enterprise’s performance.

2.For the development of your business performance:

Not only does effective information extraction make the evaluation method simpler, it additionally offers you the possibility to enhance your business’ performance.

3.To make knowledgeable decisions:

Your commercial enterprise is producing lots of data (both via website or social media platform). Those records are packed with masses of benefits. The motive of extraction is to use these records to make sound business decisions and choices.

4.For ease of sharing:

By extracting information, it will become easier to share them along with your companions. In case your employee has to share records with co-workers and also you do not need them to have all the information, then via date extraction, you’re capable of effortlessly providing beneficial however constrained records to your co-workers.

Data is widespread everywhere and anywhere nowadays, and it helps gain new insights that earlier simply wasn’t possible. Extracting data doesn’t simply offer treasure to your business; it could additionally cut down a sizeable quantity of time, sources and money through routinely accumulating the data you need. The competitive business world is progressing swiftly. Keeping up with it may be overwhelming, specifically whilst clients have masses of alternatives to choose from. Data extraction gear can assist in triumph over those obstacles. Data extraction gear also can help you examine long-tail key phrases and the methods your competitors are utilizing to ensure their top-notch rating on Google. The greater facts you’ve approximately of what your competitors are doing, the higher you could shape a triumphing content strategy, thus improving your sales and increasing the productivity of your business.

So, SS Technology is here to offer you the best Data Extraction services to start improving speed and efficiency in your business process with our most trusted effective and efficient tools. 

Importance of Data Extraction in Healthcare Industry

Web data extraction or Web scraping is information harvesting used for extracting information from websites. The internet scraping software program application can moreover get proper access to the World Wide Web through the use of Hypertext Transfer Protocol or any net browser. While internet scraping can be done manually with the resource of a software program application user, it typically refers to computerized techniques implemented through the usage of an internet crawler or bot. It is essentially copying in which facts are amassed & copied from the internet, typically right into a centralized database or for later evaluation or retrieval.

Data extraction incorporates an excessive capability for the healthcare utility to permit health regulations to frequently use data to apprehend disorganizations and fine techniques that amplify care and reduce expenses. Some professionals do consider that the opportunities to increase care and reduce costs may be expensive. But because of the healthcare’s ineffectiveness and an extra leisurely tempo of technology confirmation, this enterprise falls back behind others in terms of performing effective information analysis and extraction.

Methods of Data Extraction in Healthcare

Three Systems Method:

The most effective technique for taking information extraction past the sector of educational evaluation is the three-structures approach. Performing all three structures is the answer to pushing real-world alternatives with any analytics approach in healthcare. These are:


This system involves technology like SQL, Databases, and the talent to accumulate information, arrange it, and normalize volumes. Aggregating scientific, patient well-being, business, and different records into an enterprise’s data warehouse is the fundamental part of this structure.

Best Practice:

An efficient approach permits companies to install the most superior clinical evidence into work promptly and arrive at conclusions faster.

Adoption Method:

This method involves dealing with alternate supervision over new emergencies. It especially consists of completing unit systems so that it will permit uniform approval of satisfactory strategies. This system needs considerable organizational improvement to stimulate the adoption of the best techniques throughout an enterprise. Particularly only the developed data could be extracted. Many data warehouses now no longer follow any capture-change systems as a part of the extraction approach. Alternatively, whole tables from the goal techniques are withdrawn to the platform field or records repository, and those tables are matched with a previous extract from the target structure to understand the modified records.

Web Scraping Public Data for the Healthcare Sector

Web scraping is a powerful and cost-effective tool for collecting public healthcare data. It tracks trends, identifies opportunities, improves services, and gains insights into the healthcare sector. Organizations can better understand their target markets and make informed decisions by gathering large amounts of data from websites, forums, and other sources.

Web scraping can gain insights into the health sector from various sources, including patient satisfaction surveys, clinical trials, medical records databases, online forums, and medical journals. Organizations can use this data to understand their target population’s health needs better and identify areas where services can be improved.

Data collected through medical web scraping can also be used to develop customized healthcare solutions for specific patient needs.

What Can Data Be Scraped in Medical Data Extraction?

Medical data extraction from website can include retrieving patient information, medical records, healthcare statistics, and other health-related data. Additionally, Healthcare web scraping can be used to track health-related trends or identify potential areas of improvement.

  • Name, specializations & other relevant details of doctors and other providers
  • Hospital, Urgent Care and Clinic locations
  • Drug pricing
  • Pharmacy and drug development product information

Organizations can get an overview of the current healthcare landscape by extracting data from multiple sources. This will allow them to identify areas where services could be improved, or gaps filled and develop solutions tailored to their target population’s needs.

Moreover, medical data extraction can also obtain detailed information on specific diseases, treatments, and drugs. For example, web scraping can gain insights into drug usage and effectiveness and identify correlations between specific medications and outcomes.

So, we are here at SS Technology to offer you the best data extraction services for health systems, hospitals, and medical practices of any size with our most trusted effective, and efficient tools.

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