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Web Data Extraction Services

Process of SS Technology Web Data Scraping using Modern Innovative Technology.

You may copy-paste the data into the spreadsheets by spending hours and hours. STOP!!! You need to automate the web data scraping process to make it fully functional and need to identify the core module & components of Web Data Extraction.

1. Crawling

Crawling is a process similar to the search process done by humans. The crawler looks after the data source that matches the specified criteria. The crawler starts from the website, maintains a sitemap provided by the client, then identifies the dead links and explores the new sites from the active links.

Web Crawling services

2. Scraping

After crawling, we scrape data or information from different sources. It is a procedure to import specific data from a massive database set. This is an essential process in Web data scraping.

customized scraping services

3. Extraction

After getting the required data from the massive data cluster, we extract it. It helps you to get the most relevant information seamlessly, like extracting phone numbers, images, descriptions, etc.

Data extraction services

4. Formatting

After extracting the data, it is formatted into an understandable database so customers can understand it. Some of the widely used data formats are PDF, JPEG, XML, etc.

Formatted data services

5. Exporting

After this process, the data is exported to the customer, which helps the customer to gain and check all the information regarding their need.

web data exporting

Benefits of SS Technology Risk-Free Web Data Scraping Service

Most companies have compelling arguments against data extraction services because of privacy restrictions. But you don’t have to worry about privacy advantages. We offer top-notch service at affordable expenses. 

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accurate services

Accuracy results in Real-time data analysis and can Enhance the growth of your business.

multiple format
Multiple Format

The data extraction can be done according to your requirements which is Easier to Understand.

smart visualization
Smart Visualization

Visualize your extracted data in a graphical format that helps you to learn better.

on time delivery
Fast delivery

Our professionals deliver your requirements within the decided deadline, which can enhance your growth faster.

competitor analysis
Competitor analysis

We help you uncover market trends, analyse competitors’ strategies, make data-driven decisions, and develop various solutions and additional benefits.

deep crawling services
Deep crawling

We offer exclusive service and intelligent extraction with detailed website data.

Some words from Our Clients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use web scraping?

It offers numerous benefits, enabling organizations to gather large amounts of data from websites quickly and effectively, saving time and effort compared to manual data collection.

Why is data scraping important?

Data scraping offers various benefits because it enables individuals to gather large amounts of data from the website. It provides valuable insights, improves effectiveness and efficiency, and supports informed decision-making power.

What is website extraction?

Web Extraction is data scraping used for extracting data from a website automatically. It is also known as web scraping or data scraping. It typically involves fetching the HTML code of web browsers and then extracting specific data based on predefined rules.

Is it legal to extract data from a website?

This depends on various factors, including the purpose of the extraction, the type of data being extracted, the applicable laws in your judiciary, and the website’s terms of service. Data extraction is sometimes considered a violation of copyright or intellectual property law.

What type of data does web scraping extract?

Web scraping can extract various data types, including text, links, images, product information, social media data, etc. the data type extracted depends on the different structures and content of websites, as well as tools and techniques used for data scraping.

Can I Scrape LinkedIn data?

Yes!! You can scrape LinkedIn Data using SS Technology data scraping tools.