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Web Data Extraction is the process of using modern innovative technologies like bots and crawlers to retrieve and collect website content and data.

Web data extractor helps companies get unstructured data from the Web. The data gets converted in a structural manner that the company can use in its business operations.

The internet (WWW) was initially developed for people for getting information from others by connecting pages using links and URLs using web data extractor and Website data scraper. Web scraping services was easier to create content, consume content, and collect & manage data as the number of web pages was less.

But after the Internet became popular, the quantity of data and content has increased exponentially.

Now people are producing a large amount of data every day that can’t be managed by humans on their own. Thus, we need the support of computed to extract the unstructured data from the Internet.

Now the concept of website data scraper comes in. SS Technology provides premium web Scraping services to comply clients requirements.

Web Data Extraction assists us to gather all unstructured data and convert them into well structural manner. Data extractor from website involves the extraction of the underlying HTML code of a website and its related data that is stored in the database. Today, Web Data Extraction, Scraping & Web scraping services find mass utility for different industries such as E-commerce, Airlines, Travel, Finance, etc.

Components of Web Data Extraction

You need to automate the Web Data Extraction Process to make it fully functional. Although, you may copy-paste the Web Data in spreadsheets by spending hours to format. But, it will not be considered as an example of Web Data extraction by analyzing the value it offers. Thus, you need to identify the core module & components of Web Data Extraction and follow the steps to use them.

Risk Free Including Additional Benefits

Most of the companies have compelling arguments for using Web Data Extraction services. It has privacy advantages too.

Try out the website data scraper of SS Technology for one month without taking any risks. You don’t have to sign any long-term or annual agreements to start our services. 

We provide Web Data Extraction services, amazon scraper, LinkedIn Scraping, competitive price monitoring globally. You can get top-quality services at affordable rates. So, get benefitted by signing up with SS Technology.

If your services are dependent on standard data formats like (JSON, CSV) with standard protocols (like DropBox, Azure, FTP, GCP, S3, etc.), we can initiate the data extraction services very easily.

Web Data Extraction
Is Web-Data Extraction Legal

Is Web-Data Extraction Legal?

You can ask this question by reading the “Terms of Use” available on the most majority of websites for preventing Web Data Extraction.

You will find the answer in our blog. Contact us for data extractor from website.


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FAQ's About Web Data Extraction

The legality of extracting data from websites depends on various factors, including the purpose of the extraction, the type of data being extracted, and the website’s terms of service. In some cases, extracting data from websites may be considered a violation of copyright or intellectual property laws.

Web scraping can extract various types of data, including text, images, links, product information, social media data, news articles, financial data, and more. The type of data that can be extracted depends on the structure and content of the website, as well as the tools and techniques used for scraping. Web scraping can be used to extract structured or unstructured data, depending on the requirements of the user.

SS Technology’s scraping tools enable users to extract data from LinkedIn or Facebook.


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